Scribbled Words

Sometimes you read a sentence and it just storms through your mind. What happens in writers’ brains, what kind of magic do they add to ordinary words, to create a sentence that thrills and resonates?

When I find words that are impossible to forget, I grab the nearest scrap of paper and write them down. Of course, the next best thing to saving perfect words is sharing them. So, whenever you need a dose of inspiration, stop by and check out the books I’m quoting. Think of it as taking a quick swim in a fresh lake of language. Here are my favourite passages from the beautiful book of the day, Chocolat by Joanne Harris. Jump in.

“… and she laughed, a sound like violins gone wild.”

“I have no idea of this man’s tastes. He is a complete blank to me, a man-shaped darkness cut into air.”
Chocolat, Joanne Harris

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